Why Is Malcolm X Unjust

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Malcolm X was a man with great controversy. Many thought he was a powerful speaker with great ability to influence others. Others believed this was a tremendous threat to the Nation of Islam and individuals who disagreed with his philosophy. Malcolm X was killed by two black gunmen from the Nation of Islam just before giving a speech at Audubon. Despite many people’s concerns that Malcolm X was dangerous, the assassination of Malcolm X was unjust because of the work he did to achieve civil rights for African Americans and was a result of a power struggle within the Nation of Islam. The first reason Malcolm X’s assassination was unjust is that he worked hard to achieve civil rights for African Americans through increasing the membership in the Nation of Islam. Many people didn 't realize that the Nation of Islam grew because of his leadership. On a website with little-known information about Malcolm X it says “As a result of his efforts, membership in the Nation of Islam grew from only a few hundred at the time of his conversion to about 6,000 in 1955 and then to an estimated 75,000 in the early 1960s. Non-Muslims also took note of his fiery oratory, including author Alex Haley, with whom he would collaborate on his autobiography.” (Greenspan, Jesse pg 2). What this means is that Malcolm X made the Nation of Islam grow…show more content…
When Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad became worried about losing followers. In his book about Malcolm X Tom Robinson discusses his power struggle. “Malcolm x was entangled in an intricate web of conspiracy involving the Nation of Islam, New York City police and the FBI.” (Greenspan, Jesse pg 3). Malcolm X was trapped in a situation where groups of people, including our government, they were working together against him. Elijah Muhammad had help in defeating Malcolm
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