Why Is Malcolm X's Assassination Justified

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When any historic, revolutionary figure is assassinated, it brings about chaos. So when Malcolm X was assassinated, it brought a wave of somber and doubt to the people who believed in change and equality.Malcolm X was an influential civil rights leader as well a national minister of the Nation of Islam. He dedicated his life to fighting for racial equality and improving the lives of the oppressed. He also was one of the most effective and progressive leaders in American history. Malcolm X’s assassination was not justified because he was an activist for equality, and a symbol of change; however, many people blame him for causing riots. Even though people blame him for causing and condemning the riots, it is believed that he lead our country through a time filled with chaos and travesty. Malcolm X had one main goal and it was for blacks and whites to be truly and wholeheartedly equal. One way he planned to achieve this was to preach and cause a surge in black pride. He coined the term Black Power in order to improve the black community and help black people realize their true potential and recognize that they were a proud people…show more content…
For the most of his life he believed that white and black people should not integrate and it would be best for them to keep their space(Malcolm X: Black History Month). He was against integration, however, it is important to note that he was very respectful and only reacted when aggravated and he is quoted saying, “ Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” Which means he believed in being respectful and being peaceful, however, if someone disrespects you, then you shouldn’t lie down and take it. This shows how he brought about change and was a threat to white supremacy because he believed in people standing up for themselves, which makes his assassination
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