Why Is Malcom X's Assassination Justified

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Malcom X’s assassination is a perfect example of backstabbing. Malcom X was a civil rights leader for the nation of Islam. The assassination of Malcom x was justified because members of the nation of Islam saw Malcom as a threat after his departure and many thought Malcom X’s way of protest was dangerous and put many lives in danger. However Malcom was a man who fought for blacks to be the superior race “at any means necessary.” After Malcom was released from jail he went to the nation of Islam to work with their leader Muhammed. Malcom later became a minister for Temple No.7 and Temple No.11 in Boston. During his time spent in the nation of Islam Malcom created newspaper to spread word on the nation of Islam. Not only did Malcom support the nation of Islam; he also helped out in the civil rights movement. Many compare Malcom X to Martin Luther King Jr. but they have two totally different views on the future for African Americans. Malcom X…show more content…
The nation of Islam started to believe Malcom was creating alliances with African Americans. Malcom later suspended and silenced by the Nation of Islam for 90 days after he gave a speech entitled “Gods view on white America.” One year later in March of 1964 Malcom announced his official departure from the nation of Islam. After announcing his departure from the nation of Islam Malcom became paranoid. “I am a marked man.” Malcom stated in an interview. Malcom X already knew that somebody was after him and that he was a target for assassination. On February 21,1965 Malcom was shot to death by members of the nation of Islam. Malcom X was killed by the very men he supported and trusted. One would think Malcom was assassinated because he had strong alliances with African Americans and the nation of Islam felt betrayed or nervous for their own safety. Therefore Malcom X’s assassination was justified because he was a threat to many and feared by

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