Why Is Manson Wrong

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First of all, Manson’s childhood was far from okay. His mother did not even see him as a child. “I have a new mom now, she 's a nice lady who can 't have kids of her own. She gave my mom pitcher of beer for me, I guess that 's what I’m worth” (Manson Family). First, as a young adult Manson was in and out of prison. He spent 6 years in prison meeting many new friends and people he could relate to. “I recently met a friend in here, he is called Creepy Karpis. I think he and I might get along quite well” (Rosenberg). Next, Manson caused trouble in his early days as well. Some of the things he did while in prison are greatly looked down on. “I made a guy give himself to me. All it took was one razor and he was mine in a second. I have no regrets”…show more content…
“I keep seeing her sister at everything. Your sister is dead! Move on! You don 't need to watch me!” (Hawkins). Naturally, it is thought that if someone is on death row, they are put to death straight away. That is never the case. “My sentence was reduced to life in prison, due to the new abolishment of the death penalty. I know that that will give me plenty more time to get parole” (Manson Family). Obviously, Manson is never getting out of prison. He has a whole life ahead of him behind bars. “I have been in prison for 60 years now, can you believe that? I can 't, 60 years is quite a long time” (Hedegaurd). Not surprising, Manson does not have a foreseeable future outside of prison. He is destined to stay right where he is at. “Parole is something I need, the people just don 't understand, I shouldn 't be here. I keep getting denied, 12 times, as of 2012, to be exact” (CM Bio). Certainly, Manson did the crimes, so he must do the time. Manson continues to try to get out any way he can. “My next parole hearing is in 2027, I’ll be 92, hopefully people will come to realize that I was just doing what I knew was right. I think they should just believe I’m an old man, what could I possibly do?”
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