Why Is Mardi Gras Important In French Culture

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This is the 177th year of celebrating Mardi Gras in France. Mardi Gras is a celebration when french citizens cannot eat any meat to 2 days. It is celebrated by a parade that goes through different cities in France. Men and women go around the city dancing in very large elaborate costumes and celebrating Mardi Gras.

Wearing big elaborate costumes is one of the big traditions when they are celebrating Mardi Gras as a parade. Some people that do not wear costumes wear large green, purple, or dresses and beaded necklaces. Some other traditions are having picnics, floats and; to go with these things they have traditional music for the celebrations. At the picnics they hear foods that do not contain meat and they eat waffles to celebrate if they are at home and not at a parade or a party. They also celebrate by eating traditional foods like kings cake.

One of the traditions is to make king's cake. Kings cake is a cake that is cooked in a bundt pan and it is filled with cream and covered in glaze and sprinkles. Some other traditional foods are shrimp cocktail and donuts that are filled and in a square shape. they also also have traditional colors they wear for parades and parties. The colors are purple, gold, and green. Purple stands for justice; gold stands for power; and green stands for faith. The decorations they have at
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They also have some activities the kids that re celebrating get to do. The main activities are mask making, word searches, and coloring/ making signs. There might be some things about mardi gras so here are some fact about mardi Gras. Mardi gras has been celebrated for 177 years. Mardi Gras marks the end of carnival season. Kings cake is is a tradition to eat for Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is also called pancake day. Mardi Gras is always celebrated the tuesday before ash
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