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1.1 Reasons why marketing planning is essential in the strategic planning process for an organisation. • It helps make sure the marketing objectives of the organisation is achieved through the identification of the direction the organisation needs to go with respect to the organisational goals. • Marketing planning ensures that the organisation’s resources and opportunities are applied appropriately and not wasted thereby maximizing its investment returns. • Marketing planning enables the organisation to effectively determine and isolate its target customers. This ensures the target customers are effectively satisfied. • It also helps the organisation to ensure its marketing strategies account for both its long and short-term objectives. • Marketing…show more content…
Through an effective marketing plan, an organisation gains an in-depth knowledge of its target market, which assists in its long term decision making. In summary, marketing planning is essential to strategic planning because it ensure important resources are targeted towards the appropriate goals and minimizing time and cost losses. 2.0 Organisational auditing involves the determination of an organisations capability to effectively plan its future marketing activity. In order to achieve this, certain elements of the organisation are examined. These elements will be discussed below. First element to be assessed in the organisational audit is the organisational resources available. These organisational resources fall into the following types: i. Human resources: This focuses on establishing if the organisation possesses adequate employees with the commitment and motivation required to carry out its marketing plan ii. Financial resources: This aims to establish if an organisation has the financial capability to adequately execute its marketing…show more content…
The car has to go through development and testing to ascertain customer response. Google has test driven the autonomous car over 2.8 million kilometers. It also showed a video of a man almost blind being driven by the self-driving car to a drive through and dry cleaning shop and back home. This is a step to help establish customer confidence in the product and to gauge customer response to the technology. .4. Creating the marketing plan for the self-driving car to define targeting, positioning and distinct marketing strategy for it. 5. Carefully examine the business case for the car in terms of cost, sales and profit, to measure its benefit to the organisational objectives. Google’s self-driving car has equipment worth $150,000 which is high. To achieve the objectives of the company, which is to make the car available and affordable to the general population, the cost would have to be reviewed. 6. The car needs to be developed to a stage where it is practical and economical in terms of cost and it satisfies the customers’ expectations. 7. Test the car in the market to gauge its acceptability and success. 8. Commercially launch the self-driving car. 4.1 Barriers to marketing planning at

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