Martin Luther: A True Hero

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Martin Luther
A person to think and speak about others is noteworthy, but to serve and to act on others is heroic. Martin Luther is a Hero, he is a great individual who has changed American History to this day.
Martin Luther is a Hero because he exhibits bravery. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for what he believed in and that was that all people of black and white should be created equally. according to the article states that Martin Luther King Jr. has a dream “not be judged by the color of there skin, but by the content of the character.” I think that quote say’s a lot because people should not of ever be judged by there looks. today if he did not have bravery and take a stand, would whites and blacks be kept apart? would
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because martin luther was so intelligent he learned very quickly. Martin began his education at Yonge Street Elementary School in Atlanta, Following Yonge school he was also enrolled in Howard Elementary School. after elementary school he attended Atlanta University Laboratory School and and Book-T Washington High School. Martin Luther was known to be very intelligent. Before Martin Started Schooling his mom taught him how to read . Martin was so smart that he skipped ninth and twelfth grade. Martin Scored high on his College entrance examination his junior year of high school, he entered Morehouse College at just the age of fifteen. Martin Luther won Pearl Plafker award for most outstanding student! Martin Luther King Jr, is also very intelligent because he has won awards, and has degree’s. says that Martin Luther won Pearl Plafker award for most outstanding student, and received a J. Lewis Crozer fellowing that was for graduate study at any university of his choice. Martin Luther achieved many things because of his intelligence. He was awarded Bachelor of Divinity Degree in 1951 from Crozer, He also started doctoral studies, Martin received a Ph.D degree, Sociology degree, Martin Luther King Jr.
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