Why Is Martin Luther King Jr Influential

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Influential Person Research Paper Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an influential figure because of his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement despite the challenges he faced such as constantly being arrested and his house being bombed. One of the first accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was his founding and presidency of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). The SCLC is a civil rights group that focused on desegregating the south. The group's first focus was on desegregating the bus system, but they eventually moved on to greater things such as registering blacks to vote and organizing peaceful protests. This proves that King was a successful civil rights leader, even though he struggled against racists whites in power that would try to oppress him and his group. …show more content…

Even through all of the threats King received, after going to jail and having his house bombed, he persevered and pressed on against segregation. This was only another of his many achievements that greatly affected the civil rights movement. One of King’s most popular achievements was the Birmingham Campaign. King organized large groups of students to march from the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church to City Hall. Eugene Connor, Birmingham's commissioner of public safety, met the students with fire hoses and and police attack dogs. Eugene Connor was fired and the city’s discriminatory laws were changed. Despite even fire hoses and attack dogs, King was still able to make changes in the civil rights movement that shook the nation. He was always a great man, even in the face of hardship. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is still influencing the world through the morals he left behind; without his contributions the United States would be without civil rights. It is important to remember that he was one of the few people to take a leadership position in the Civil Rights Movement, even when they were confronted with obstacles such as corrupt

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