Why Is Maya Angelou Important

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Maya Angelou was a strong African-American women who made an influential impact on the Civil Rights Movement, in bother her actions, and her literature. Her life experiences and courage helped others, and made her work influential. During Maya’s early life, she experienced many hardships that shaped her into the person many remember her as. Born on April 4, 1928, she only lived in St. Louis, MO for three years before her parents got divorced, and Maya, along with her mother and brother, moved in with her grandparents in Arkansas. At the age of eight, raped by her mother’s boyfriend, Maya learned the power that words possess. After informing her family of this traumatizing encounter, the perpetrator was hunted down and beaten to death. Maya didn’t speak for the next five years. Maya found joy in singing, dancing, and poetry, after moving to San Francisco in 1940. However, this joy was put on hold after having a son at age 16, and moving to San Diego. Being young and reckless waitress, Maya got tangled in drugs, prostitution, and strip dancing. In 1954, Maya had a stroke of luck after being discovered by a theater group at the strip club. Touring 22 countries…show more content…
In Maya’s life she wrote seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and many books of poetry. The storyteller style writing paired with description and emotion, created an something right here about her books and shit. She earned the Chubb Fellowship Award, Pulitzer Prize Nomination, Ladies ' Home Journal Award, Golden Eagle Award, Afro-American in the Arts, Fulbright Program 40th Anniversary Distinguished Lecturer award, Langston Hughes Medal, Grammy for "Best Spoken Word Album", Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Association National Award, Mother Teresa Award, and was the First recipient of Hope for Peace and Justice Voice of Peace
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