Why Is Mcmurphy In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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In the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, one can say that McMurphy’s tragic flaw is his ego of thinking he can win any situation with his charm. When McMurphy walks into the combine, he instantly charms the patients when he shakes everyone's hand. Any circumstance that is a task to McMurphy’s distinguished character, he will dissident against. In the mental ward, the controlling, devious Nurse Ratched delivers that precise test. In the beginning, McMurphy seems to be winning his conflicts with Nurse Ratched but she is merely waiting for the right moment, in anticipation for her opening. Nurse Ratched has crucial control over the patients and this is what makes McMurphy lose to Nurse Ratched. McMurphy finds out the reason why the other patients are in the ward when they say to him that…show more content…
Logically, Nurse Ratched's regulatory ways promptly cause a battle between the two characters. Nurse Ratched moves in "precise, mechanical gestures" and she is stubborn about keeping a cordial order amongst the Acutes (4). Her mechanical ways and raise of group attitude contrast McMurphy's uniqueness, humor, and link to the Acutes. McMurphy takes it into his own hands to challenge against Nurse Ratched's system so she cannot emasculate him. He bets the men five dollars that he can break her down to where she has no more control in the combine. He sacrifices himself continuously by challenging her demands and producing disorder in her orderly ward in protest to her altering him as a person, like she has done to many of the Acutes. McMurphy challenges Ratched to a point where she has him lobotomized and he is left in a vegetative state, a warning symbol of Nurse Ratched's to show the result if anyone challenges her. However, as McMurphy never let her transform him for the inferior, he dies with self-respect, for he dies as his true being, fighting to keep his
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