Why Is Medea Unethical

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Medea was an absolute lunatic. Before moving to Corinth Medea killed her brother by chopping him up and throwing him in the ocean. She then tricks the king’s daughters into cutting him up and boiling him. Once in Corinth Medea finds out that her husband, Jason, is marrying the daughter of Creon. This infuriates Medea and she has to have her revenge. After talking Creon into letting her and her sons stay in Corinth for another day this is when Medea begins to plot out her revenge. It is shown that she has gone a bit crazy when she says, “Medea: [Creon] lets me stay one extra day, to make three enemies corpses:ha! father, daughter, and my husband” (50). Medea starts her murderous rampage by killing Creon and his daughter by giving them cursed gifts. She then argues with herself debating whether or not she should kill her own children. She decides that it is necessary that they die and slaughters them. This was all done just because her husband decided to marry another woman.…show more content…
The people of Corinth did not trust her because she is a sorceress. Additionally, women had little to no rights in Greek society where the men had complete dominance. So although Medea did have the right to be a bit angry, she did not have to kill so many people that she loved in order to get her way with Jason. Medea also showed motherly characteristics towards her two sons before killing them. This can be seen when she says “Medea: So sweet […] the mere touch of you: the bloom of children's skin--so soft […] their breath--a perfect balm” (173). In conclusion, Medea ended going too far killing people her husband loved and even people she lived just to have her revenge on her husband because he left her for another

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