Medical Records Preservation

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Taking the long view of medical records preservation and archives

1.0 Objective
Objective of this paper is to identify the importance of records or documents that has been handle by archive in action. In order to fulfil the requirement of this paper, I have selected some of the article regarding archive management. This paper shows how the medical records acquire and the study is to make all medical records are kept and organized systematically and there are some ways that the author has discussed and argue. Each of the medical records should be maintain by organizing them into their category of diseases or cases. Most of the content in the article is regarding towards the intimacy
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Lorraine Dong is the author where he uses his theory from his research and he examined medical records for actants which participated in the classification and the treatment of patient in the development of psychiatry and mental hospitals as social an institution.
Other than that, Lorraine Dong in this article, emphasis that the varied and profound roles of medical records demonstrate the ability for each records to have multiple chance to sense individuals in a single human lifetime. Moreover, he stated that not only medical records are used as references for hospital or health institution use but also it can be use as and have the potential to be cultural heritage documents and conveys for developing of communities.
2.0 Discussion
The article is a designation of studies which it is a traditional approach for the destruction of medical records which it would be kept for multipurpose and it should be taken because the documents can be continue to help us understand and challenge our beliefs about mental illness, mental health and record purposes. Most of the problems in this research paper shows the importance of medical records as government filing system and the procedures acquires.

2.1 Medical records as
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When the record was last historical artifacts and cultural institutions function, they will also be part of the network of archives. Warhol USA Canada Hugh Taylor (1982) argues in the article, that the records of the administration can be part of a community's heritage and learn how the records that have been successful can reveal a lot about the relationship between the institution and the community it serves.

3.0 Significance to archive

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