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People use their memory every single day for all types of reasons. Whether it be remembering the items on a grocery list or the name that goes with a familiar face, every person accesses their memory on a daily basis. Memories serve as a unique process to living things that allow them to store and remember information. Despite how ordinary the concept of memory may seem, people would struggle to do the simplest of tasks if human minds did not have the capability of storing memories. Memory is important because it allows an individual relive past sensations when they can no longer sense the present world, it fosters a sense of attachment and security within a family, and it greatly influences how an individual views their own life story. People…show more content…
Memory allows people to relieve feelings even when their senses start to worsen. As humans get older their senses naturally deteriorate, such as struggling to hear and see one’s surroundings clearly. There is little that can be done to avoid the decline in senses that accompanies age, but memory is a tool that can help deal with. When an individual feels departed from their surroundings because they cannot hear or see comprehensively, they can tap into their memory of the sensations they felt in the past and relive those special moments. Elderly people can feel disconnected from their surroundings because they cannot hear sounds from objects or other people. However, one can escape this utter silence by remembering sounds from earlier in their life, such as the poet of “Memory as a Hearing Aid” escaping his classroom’s silence by recalling the youthful sounds of blaring rock bands and alarming police sirens from many years ago (Hoagland). This shows that memory can bring happiness and comfort back to a person’s life, even when they can no longer the enjoy the stimuli in the world around them. People store their most cherished experiences in their memory so they can access the good feelings at any time to uplift their spirit. It is very important for people to keep a lively spirit and positive attitude even when their surroundings make them depressed. Therefore, there is no doubt that memory is an…show more content…
Families become more tight-knit when they share personal experiences with each other. When family members tell each other about their most vivid memories, each person gets to learn more and more about the people with whom they share a life with. This sharing of memories fosters a deep sense of security and attachment that in turn creates a strong bond between family members. Sharing a warm memory with one’s family allows the entire family to simultaneously feel the happiness that is embedded in special memories. Family members can understand each other in a clearer manner when memories are shared, just as Dr. Jane Aronson did with her two adopted children when the three of them had a hearty laugh at the six-year-old’s memory of a messy diaper change (Aronson). Clearly, the sharing of memories allow people of different experiences to find a common ground, which was humor in this case. When an individual recalls special memories around their family, they are essentially tying the family members into the past experiences. The sharing of memories around a dinner table or on the couch of the living room promotes a sense of openness between family members, which allows them to increase their trust and care for each other. Families develop stronger bonds when the members can simultaneously feel the same emotions, such as warmth, humor, and passion, so memories are

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