Why Milk Is Sold In Possible Bottles

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Why is milk sold in rectangular cartons while soft drinks are sold in round ones? The reason milk is sold in a rectangular cartons and sodas are sold mostly in round is twofold. When you think soda you think something you can drink on the go. this id due mostly because sodas are sold in easy to carry type bottles or cylinder containers. This shape is said to make it easier for the consumer to carry it around with them. This essentially means that the round shape of soda allows it to fit easily in the hand of consumer thus making portable. Furthermore, the roundness of soda cans, are better able to hold up against the pressure that builds up in carbonated drinks. Due to the pressure build up in sodas they cannot be held in square type containers;…show more content…
By going from glass to plastic or paper containers they changed the cost to produce these products. Another reason for plastic containers where preferred over glass was, that they were of course more durable than glass and safer to use. Because you had to sanitize a glass bottle for reuse it was thought to be less sanitary. All these reasons for plastic and paper over glass is probably the reason glass bottles are almost non exists. Also, I feel that consumer sovereignty would have played a huge part in the switch from glass. Consumer sovereignty or “dollars” votes allow the consumer to decide what they do and do not want sold in stores or otherwise. This allows for consumers to have control over the market. This allows me to assume that consumers started to purchasing more plastic or paper milk cartons essentially bring the production of glass milk jars to an end through the system of dollar votes. However, due to the one time use of plastic people assumed it was better for your health. According to my economy the rectangular shape of milk has everything to do with cost and space. According to my economics “Milk, must be stored under a strictly regulated low temperature (to prevent spoilage. “Because milk can spoil so

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