Why Is Modern Thai Law Considered A Civil Law System

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Narita Sakunchotikarote
October 21, 2015

Is modern Thai law considered a civil law system? Why? Modern Thai law is considered a civil law system because it has all the essential substances of civil law system. In this essay I will be supporting my statement by first explaining history of civil law system and history Thai law. Then I will give reasons and explain why is Thai law considered a civil law system.

Civil law system is a system with long shared history and is widely used as legal system in many countries including Thailand. The history of civil law system was inherited continuously throughout Europe and middle east countries. Civil law system has derived its main origin from Roman law or individuality Justinian law in the 6th century. Justinian law has equipped with contracts, rules of procedure, family law, wills, and constitutional system with heavily monarchical influences. The started point of Roman law was when the law of the Twelve Table is formed. It is the Roman traditional legislation working as a base of Roman law and is formed in order to satisfy the need that law should be written down in order to forestall magistrates from utilizing the law arbitrarily. Before the law was initiated there were an on going social struggle between patricians and plebeians. The problem is that only the patricians can become magistrates. Therefore the law was initially establish at the request of plebeians as they threaten to leave the city and since
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