Why Is Money A Motivator

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Money and big salaries showed that they are very important motivator for employees and many companies offers high salaries and money rewards to be attractive to employees with high qualifications , because money as motivator for many employees makes them satisfied at their jobs and high salaries makes employees work hard and give high performance to get this job or take this money reward, and provide their psychological needs , but does the money the only motivator at job ? this essay will discuss that the money is number one motivator for employees , however there is different ways for motivate workers , but money is the best motivator to get best performance at job and make employees satisfied and provide their psychological needs .…show more content…
Although , people who works for charities and voluntary places , they would be motivated for what they do for humanity and helping people for non-monetary value just to satisfy their needs and feelings , because some people prefer to be comfortable than having much money(Becchetti & Castriota & Tortia ,
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