Why Is Montresor Murder Fortunato Murder

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today, I am going to begin by asking you a question; If I forced you to kill someone, would you? Would you consider yourself insane if you did? What are your reasons for killing someone? Was it since you are envious of them, or they did something harmful to you? I am here today to prove that Montresor is insane, guilty and further more importantly- has the responsibility of murdering Fortunato. This is because Montresor murdered Fortunato for a poor reason. Montresor was jealous, of Fortunato’s great characteristics. A thousand injuries? That sounds impossible. After clearly listening to Montresor’s story on how he had lured Fortunato to follow his plan, I must point out that he has stated no evidence of the “so-called” thousand injuries. As a result, there must be another motive behind this murder.…show more content…
However, Montresor never pointed out evidence of the injuries, either physical or emotional, we don’t know. Without these sorts of evidences, this makes this murder, murder without a motive. This also leads to the conclusion he is guilty. On the other hand, I was able to understand that Montresor was jealous of Fortunato’s fine characteristics.This is where jealousy leads to the true main motive of this mere murder. This man was indeed rich, respected, adored, and lived a content life. Montresor, clearly noticed his own characteristics, and realized that he is not as impressive as Fortunato is. Jealousy, began to stir up to the point where he wanted to kill Fortunato, thinking that he would become superior, respected, and a more admired person. As a result, this proves how mad he certainly was, thinking that jealousy is why one should kill an individual so that they would not need to look down on
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