Why Is Mount Everest Air So Deadly

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Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. A very beautiful mountain that has hundreds of dead bodies buried inside. Many of them climbers who wanted nothing more than just to climb this gem of a landmark. Many who had attempted to climb the mountain have died and been forgotten. Many of the people who ever killed by this mountain are never identified. One of the things you have to live with is that your chances of you dying and never being remembered.
What makes Mount Everest so deadly is the lack of oxygen when going towards the top. The higher you go the less air you’re able to naturally breath. It feels like you’re slowly suffocating while moving up but when you go up you require more air. The lack of air isn’t good on the brain either. WIth your body taking most of the air it doesn’t allow your brain to get enough air which doesn’t allow you to think properly. Things you would’ve never done while having oxygen is harder to realise with a lack of oxygen. People would walk off the mountain, sat down too long, kept going too long …show more content…

It’s said the one in four people that attempt Mount Everest will die. Mount Everest has had some bad years, and good years where deaths were low and success was high. 2015 wasn’t one of those years for Mount Everest or the people trying to climb it. April 25, 2015. 22 climbers were killed that year and nobody had reached the summit. None of the names were told. The Mount Everest expedition in 1996 was also a bad year. It’s a well known expedition that involved many professionals also including amateurs. The expedition was very important to the people who worked as guides on Everest. They really wanted it to go right for an increase of people which is more money. Although the person who was recording the expedition had survived, many around him had slowly got robbed of

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