Why Is Mrs Dubose Important In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the story To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the Finch kids meet the old hag Mrs. Dubose. To get into town the kids have to pass Mrs. Dubose’s house. One day she was babbling to the kids, insulting them one after another until Jem had enough and took Scout's baton and wacked all of Mrs. Dubose’s flowers. Then Jem had to read to Mrs. Dubose for 2 hours every night after school for a month, after a month he kept reading and one night Mrs. Dubose dies. Mrs. Dubose is a cranky neighbor who helps Jem see the importance of holding your head high. Mrs. Dubose is very mean and cranky she is so ill that she needs nurse at her home to look out and take care of her, this is why she is always so grumpy and she is addicted to morphine. Morphine is always probably on her mind and gets irritated fast over little things such as a girl not…show more content…
Dubose helps Jem understand the importance of holding your head high. Jem says to “Don't pay any attention to her, just hold your head high and be a gentleman” (Lee 135), as if Scout was going to lose her temper, but he was the one with his temper getting shorter. would have kept walking and not got involved with Mrs. Dubose Jem would not have had to read to her, the consequence of reading to her Jems consequence of reading to Mrs. Dubose, helps Jem understand and help keep her cool. Jem had enough and dealt with the situation the wrong way, but now he knows next time. Holding your head high is important in life because people should not care what other people think or say affect their mood or confidence because they say it to affect them and get attention.People need to keep being them self and not care what people say unless it is positive. Like Mrs. Dubose she wanted them to act on what she was saying so they would have to do something for her which was reading in this case. During the story other people are going to say mean hateful things to the kids and they need to know how to hold their head high and just forget about
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