Why Is My Great Grandfather A Hero

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Have you ever thought about people fighting in a war? Not how that war ended up doing, but each individual fighting. Some people are drafted into a war, and forced to fight for the side their put into. But the hero, Nicholas Lopez fought willingly to save the country that he just moved to. My great-grandfather, was a hero because he fought in world war 2, after many other hardships in his life. A big reason for that statement as a hero is the reason stated prior to this. He wasn’t forced to fight, he signed up for it. Even though he lived in Italy, the tension in Germany in the mid 1930’s was too much for everyone, including his family. The issue was that they wanted to go to America, but they couldn’t afford the expenses of taking a boat to America. They eventually got enough money for him, his mother, and his little sister to go to America. In 1936, they departed Italy to go to America, and even though he had to leave his father and older brother behind in Italy. he loved America, and he was glad that they went.…show more content…
When he lived in Italy, there was a lot of fighting and rising tension over in Europe. He also thought about how Europe had been on the verge of war since before he moved away. And that if he loved his country, he would fight the wickedness in another before it destroyed this country. So in 1938, he joined our army, he ended up being right. In 1939, a war started in Europe. And by 1941, conflicts detonated into full on wars across the whole world. And Nicholas Lopez bravely fought for America, showing bravery, and

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