Why Is My Mom Affect Your Life

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Something about my mom just helps me to always stay positive. Whether it 's the way she lives life to the fullest, the troubles that she has gone through, or the way she bounces back from those troubles. My mom has always kept her positive act on, and I don’t know how she does it. She will always be the person in the room that is the most bubbly and excited about life. She has gone through hard times, but tough hope has guided her through hard experiences with life. My mom lost her dad when she was older, but it still had a big impact on her. I think that my grandpa’s death was one of the most difficult things my mom has gone through. My grandpa or my mom’s dad passed away February 6th 2004. My moms dad had a heart attack when he was in the car. My mom has always said that she thinks he was driving to the hospital. I have always thought that my mom was right. When my grandpa had a heart attack, he was…show more content…
My mom has always persevered through the hard times, she always finds a way to get through them. My mom usually always stays positive. I can tell if my mom is not happy or is sad, usually when I ask her about her dad she answers positive. My mom always tells good stories when I ask about her dad. I always laugh when my mom tells me about my grandpa, because she always tells funny stories. I like when my mom tells stories, because I can tell that it makes her happy and it makes her smile. I never met my grandpa, but from the stories my mom has to offer, he seems like a pretty great guy. My mom used to take off of work on February sixth every year, she did that for thirteen years. As you can tell by that my grandpas death was very hard for my mom. Something we do to remember his is that, every year for his birthday, we set off a balloon at his grave, we also leave flowers there for him. When we are there we shed tears of sadness, memories, and joy with my grandpa. I can always tell that my mom is sad and that she misses him everyday, but extra on the special
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