Why Is My Mother A Hero Essay

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What is a hero? A hero can be someone who makes a difference in your life. The person in my life that influences me the most would be my mother. The definition of the word “mother” according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is “a woman in authority,” but the way society views a mother is a lot more. A mother is not just simply as a woman who gave birth to a child, but a woman who can raise, comfort, and care for their child. A mother’s job can change depending on what social standing they are in and what time they live in. My mother is by far the strongest person I know. She has gone through more struggles than any person should have to. People always asked me “Why is your mother a hero?” I always said “she has gotten my back since day one.”…show more content…
One of the most important roles that my mom plays in my life is that of teacher and counselor. Like people at my age, my mother is the person I can go to for a good lesson in life. She would spend hours tried to share her experience. She also is the one person who I feel close to share some of my happiness and pains. The strongest and most brave person in my life is my mother. That woman will do anything for my happiness. She always took me to different places that I wanted to go. Summer vocation of 2008 was one of the best memorable times in my life because my whole family went to Disney Land together. Going to Disney Land was my dream in fact many children’s dream. I can still remember the moment my mother told me that we were going to the Disney Land. At that time, I felt like the most joyful person in the world. I admire my mother because she always made sure that I had my school work done on time. She helped me with my homework and made sure that I had a great education. Often times, she would buy me school supplies and anything else that I needed for school. It is hard to describe the feeling a mother has toward her children. My mother always listened to my problems no matter what they were. She helped me solve my problems and she always talked me through my

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