Why Is Nelson Mandela A Leader

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Nelson Mandela; a South African man who started a uprising against apartheid and fought for black people. He served as the president of South Africa as the first elected in a fully representative democratic nation. He is a great example of how a visionary leader can take the organization to the new heights.
He lays a very strong example of charismatic leadership in front of us. A leader who puts the overall organizations interest above his own personal interest and has a great vision for betterment of the society as a whole has that charismatic appeal, and thus people tend to follow such people. This type of leader takes everyone under consideration and cares about everyone. Both characteristicsempathy and self-sacrifice were obviously eminently present in Mandela’s case.
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He served as South Africa’s president only for five years, yet Nelson Mandela is a classic example of the leadership without authority. Over the 27 years he was imprisoned, he exerted influence. Over his five-year presidency, he succeeded to influence. In the decade and a half following his retirement from politics, Mandela’s influence grew as a global leader. Admittedly, his influence was inflated by virtue of the presidency, but positions and titles don’t define great leaders, great leaders define and leverage the power of their positions to have a positive

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