Why Is Net Neutrality Unethical

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Is Net Neutrality unethical? According to Ray, net neutrality means no bit of information should be prioritized over another. The origin of information doesn’t matter. Due to net neutrality, there are no restrictions on the internet currently. In other words, we can have free communication. For normal web users, the entire source of the internet is freely available. Losing the freedom of internet access could result in restricted access to websites; fewer download rights and so on. The topic of net neutrality has become controversial because several companies are trying to take away the freedom of internet access. There are people who think net neutrality is ethical; there are several reasons for it. Net neutrality gives non-discriminatory access to the internet which means every website and the content on the internet is treated in the same way. Each person is treated in the same way. For instance, a housewife describing a recipe and a millionaire talking about the company’s new product are treated equally. It provides a platform for creativity and innovation. It gives a chance to grow up to new websites, online stores and other e-commerce websites. On the other hand, there are several people who argue that net neutrality is unethical. They have their own reasons. For instance, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can charge more for better internet access. ISPs can monitor the activities of the web user and then sell or use that information as they want. ISPs can decide what part of the internet…show more content…
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