Why Is Newton Kcs Such A Good City

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Why is Newton, KS such a good city to live in? We have more than 50 people living here. That 's a lot for a medium size city. It 's great for kids to come here. Theirs fresh air, and even schools for everyone. For this reason, I think people should come send stay in Newton, KS.

Newton is a good place to come and stay because of different things you find. Like the library is one and there are many others too. In 2003, he had about (1.) 19,117 people live in Newton Ks. Compare to other cities that 's more than McPherson. Some people travel a lot around the world, so many people have been here before. It 's a good place to kids to play in the park and go to the library too. They have stores for groceries too. People choose Kansas or Wichita because of their colleges. Like KU or K-State or even bethel college. We have a few colleges for people to go
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I think that Newton is a great city because we have a lot of fun things. You like have many things to choose from. I have only been for about 5 years, but ever since I got her it 's been really fun. Especially when you have family by your side. We moved here because my dad got a new job. He had to move from California to Newton. It was okay at first since we had a few family members, but after I had to go to school, I was already regretting my whole life. Until, I met some nice great friends. Then it got better that 's why I think that Newton is a great city to
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