Why Is Nick Carraway A Trustworthy Narrator In The Great Gatsby

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In the novel The Great Gatsby the main character is Nick Carraway. Nick narrates the story from the past. Nick is a very good man and is or at least tries to be truthful about everything. In the novel Nick introduces a main character into the story named Jay Gatsby. Nick meets Gatsby he has a very high expectation for him. Though as soon as he meets him, he recognizes his flaws. The flaws let down Nick, because he thought Gatsby was going to be perfect. Nick’s unbiased description reveals the true colors of Gatsby's personality. The Great Gatsby is a fictional story with fictional characters. We know this because the author of the book is named F. Scott Fitzgerald. although the book is related to Fitzgerald’s life, it is not actually about him. That's why I think Nick is a trustworthy narrator, because why would Fitzgerald make a character biased about another if he's the narrator. There are no quotes in the novel stating that it…show more content…
Throughout the whole story Gatsby does not do anything to harm Nick or to support Nick. this happens throughout mainly the whole book and it's not something that is really quoted. Usually if someone does something to you or anyone else in the past you think badly of them. If someone gives you something that you really like or does something nice for you you tend to look highly of them. Gatsby doesn't really do either for Nick, so he has no reason to think of Gatsby in any other way than his true self. Throughout the novel Nick and Gatsby go through many struggles together. Both have their own opinion of each other. Nick has evidence to be a very unbiased narrator for many different reasons. There is very little evidence that shows that Nick could not be a good narrator, but the amount of good evidence overtakes the bad evidence. The story really makes you think it is about F. Scott Fitzgerald as Nick and Gatsby as someone else in his
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