Nikola Tesla Is A Hero

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Nikola Tesla’s inability to let any obstructions interfere with the success of his ideas, dreams, or goals proves that he possessed a great amount of grit and should therefore be perceived as a hero. Once again, World of Physics exhibits Tesla’s call to action in response to a roadblock in the path of his dreams. Tesla tried to interest the city’s mayor and several of his wealthy colleagues in his design for an alternating-current motor that would eliminate the need for a commutator. In response, the mayor and his friends rewarded Tesla with a few bottles of 1801 St. Estéphe wine but gave no financial support...Tesla decided to try his luck in the United States where there were interesting developments in electrical engineering and presumably greater opportunities for funding. With a reference from the manager of the Edison company in Paris, Tesla secured a position in Thomas Alva Edison’s research laboratory in New York. Tesla embarked for the New World in 1884. (Nikola Tesla World of Physics)…show more content…
His action in this situation is significant because moving to America to pursue his ideas rather than simply giving up in the moment shows that Tesla never gave up on his aspirations and always kept on moving forward, no matter what got in the way. His steady dedication he held kept him on the path to achieving great things for the world. In Ronald Bailey’s article, he explains the move Tesla made after one of the worst incidents in his
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