Why Is Open Carry Important

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Our second amendment right has been affecting Americans year after year and continues to influence many people about their personal freedoms. I am writing this paper targeting Americans, specifically gun owning ones, that have been affected by the second amendment or feel passionate about their right to bear arms openly. I am targeting these people who do not want to give up their rights, but are willing enough to read my paper. By the end of this essay I want my readers to be aware of the dangers that open carry might cause and for them to accept the price that it puts on their personal freedom. Safety Breach “Are you sure it’s safe?” His eyes cast upon the school building as he shakily grabs his backpack. “I don’t…show more content…
An article in the Patriot Talon states that the right-to-carry gun laws have been “linked to an increase in violent crime.” Now this shouldn’t be a surprise; the more cars you have on the street, the more likely there is to be an accident. The same goes for guns. However, unlike driving, carrying a gun is not a necessity and gun extremists in America don’t believe this to be true. An opinion article in The Daily Beast shows that not everyone thinks open carry is a bad thing. CJ Grisham, the writer of this article, states that open carry is a good thing in America. He states that if a criminal sees a target with a gun they aren’t as likely to attack them because “Criminals prefer soft targets.” Even though CJ makes a good point here, he is forgetting some key information. What about the criminal? Open carry gives everyone the right to carry their guns out in the open, even the criminal attacking other people. Also, how are civilians able to tell how that person is going to use that gun? For self defense or to harm other people, no one can be sure what someone would do with a gun out in the open. Finally, this scenario is very unlikely to happen, so why someone would carry a loaded AK-47 into a Taco Bell just in case a bad guy shows up is beyond my

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