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Why would Oskar Schindler, a soldier trained by the nazis turn against his own government.

Well to correctly answer this question we have to look at mr. Schindlers life to understand his thought process. By looking at all of this we will be able to see why Oskar would commit such a treasonous act. Certain facts and aspects of his life will easily lead us to a conclusion.

Oskar Schindler born in Zwittau Czechoslovakia on April the twenty eighth nineteen zero eight in a home inspired with his parents deep religious beliefs. His neighbors were a Jewish family by the name of the Rabbi family. They had two sons with whom Oskar became best friends with. The family were one of the richest families in his home town, but because of the deep economic depression in the 1930s his family became bankrupt.

Since there was no money and he could not find a job he joined the nazi party, it was not unusual because many people did at that time. When someone remembers that the first German divisions invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939. Perhaps it was because he saw so many possibilities witch the war brought in its wake., he followed on the heels of the SS when the Germans invaded
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I trust Schindler was a sentimentalist who cherished the effortlessness of doing great. Ludwik Feigenbaum, a Schindler Jew survivor, gave the best portrayal of Schindler that understands his activities. "I don't realize what his intentions were, despite the fact that I knew him exceptionally well. I asked him and I never got a reasonable answer and the film doesn't make it clear either. Be that as it may, I don't care the slightest bit. What's vital is that he spared our lives" (Paldiel, 1982). Another survivor, Johnathan Dresner recommends, "He was a swashbuckler. He resembled an on-screen character who constantly needed to be the all important focal point. He received into a play and he couldn't receive in return" ("Schindler's List",
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