Why Is Our Constitution Important

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Our constitution is the most important document protecting civil rights. Our founding fathers ensured that the ideals of freedom of the people having inalienable civil rights in the United States of America. We are a country that prizes integrity. A strong sense of national integrity that is designed to ensure our government is peopled by those that honor ethical and moral standards through the voting process. I consider myself an independent thinker that values the importance of protecting the civil liberties laid out for all Citizens of the United States of America as declared in our governing document the Constitution. Our constitution lays out clear rights, such as freedom of speech, to ensure the people are not overruled by an over powerful large government. We are a country, “Of The People, For The People,” yet this does not guarantee just or impartial laws. Government, while created and run by man, is an entity with the force of a machine once it is in place. Therefore it is the duty of those with integrity that must take a stand. When our legal recourses fail us, one must turn to acts of nonviolent civil disobedience in the face of an immoral or unjust law.…show more content…
We are not part of the solution and become part of the problem when we comply with such laws or remain silent. This is clear in one of the most stirring pieces of writing regarding the need for all citizens to act by Dr. King. It is our patriotic duty to uphold the rights due to all citizens as laid out clearly in our constitution. We have freedom of speech and the right to lawful assembly. There are have been many times these rights were disregarded by our acting government. That is when we are called to act in the ethical and moral protest of such disregard for our inalienable
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