Why Is Pearl Jam's Ten So Important To Grunge?

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On August 27th, 1991 Pearl Jam released one of the greatest debut albums known, Ten. Starting from Washington like many other bands such as Nirvana, who played a huge role in the early 90’s, Pearl Jam truly broke the Seattle sound into the mainstream. These two bands were the development and origin of the Seattle sound, or what we know it as today: grunge.

Many would believe that Nirvana’s Nevermind, would be the break and mainstream of grunge, but Pearl Jam’s Ten, kept them there.

Pearl Jam has a truly unique musicality while containing the harsher sounds of the electric guitar and bass, but rather than speed, takes a slower tempo. Not only does Pearl Jam’s Ten offer a brand new sound of music, the album truly tackles dark subjects, it
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It’s truly inspiring to see an artist take real life matters and write about it.

Ten starts with “Once”, which tells a story about a man 's descent that later shows him into a serial killer. Once starts off the album with a very

Following “Once”, is "Even Flow" describes being homeless, and that some of these people are mentally ill and they struggle to keep coherent thoughts. In a show on March 28, 1994 in Miami, Florida, Vedder introduced “Even Flow” by saying, “ I thought I 'd throw in a bit of street education while you still have an open mind....Right across the street there 's a little homeless community that lives under the bridge. You should just know that those people ain 't all crazy and sometimes it 's not their fault. This song is called 'Even Flow '." Even Flow was actually the hardest song for the band to record. Band members agreed that it was difficult to truly capture the essence of the song, and they had made about 100 attempts before capturing it

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