Role Of Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports

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Performance-enhancing drugs in sport

By: Neil Gultig

School: St Johns College

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Performance enhancing drugs in sport!
(Mainly school sport)

I propose that a enhancing drug test could be conducted on every single 1st team and 2nd team player of every sport every single term and if you are found using the drugs then I server punishment should be put into place not something like “you not allowed to play sport for a year” but
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Parents need to support their sons more instead of shouting at them and putting them under pressure. Role models and the international sports doping agency need to put in much more harsh and strict rules for all the professionals so that they will stop using these supplements and become a healthy role model instead of an unhealthy role model.

I ask 10 people to full in a questionnaire that I made out of the ten all of them gym at least one time a week, 2 of them gym for appearance, 4 gym for sport, 3 gym for other reasons and 1 gyms for appearance and other reasons. 3 people take whey protein, 1 person takes Creatine, 1 person takes steroids, 3 take nothing and 2 take other supplements. 6 people understand the consequences, 2 people don’t understand the consequences and 2 people sort of understand them. 4 people have pressure from mom and dad, 2 people have no pressure and 4 have pressure sometimes.
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But if they were more strict and harsh by doing more tests and making sure no drugs have been used then that could’ve happened seven years ago and he would never of been able to win it then and steel everyone else’s chance of winning the tour.

I also stated that people are using supplements for appearance more than sport which I proved wrong as in my research all of the graphs summary’s and other information all said that there is a bigger percent of people using it for sport and not appearance although this could just be the people who answered the surveys could’ve just been lying. But any how there was still a big percentage of people using these supplements just for appearance.

My survey showed that 70 percent of the people take supplements and only 30 percent don’t. This is a massive number and that needs to be cut down hugely. Also 40 percent either didn’t know or kind of knew what supplements do to your body.

What needs to happen is parents need to support their children more instead of putting them under pressure and rules need to become more strict and harsh for people
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