Why Is Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sport Essay

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Performance-enhancing drugs in sport

By: Neil Gultig

School: St Johns College

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Performance enhancing drugs in sport!
(Mainly school sport)

I propose that a enhancing drug test could be conducted on every single 1st team and 2nd team player of every sport every single term and if you are found using the drugs then I server punishment should be put into place not something like “you not allowed to play sport for a year” but something more like a disciplinary hearing and a suspension from school for 2 weeks. Then an expulsion from
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Thus meaning no one is scared to take them as they know that they will be let off the hook.
I have a second hypothesis that I will be looking into as well: The people using sport enhancing drugs are using them for appearance more than they are for sport.

The two main questions I will be focusing on are as follows:
Why are boys using the drugs, for appearance or for doing better in sport and is this because they are being put under a lot of pressure by piers and parents?
If the consequences for taking the drugs were more strict and harsh would this cause less and less people taking or using the drug?

The research that I will display in this booklet will be mainly from surveys that I will give St Johns boys to full in and report back to me giving me their input on what they think and then I will go around and find out a lot of information from other resources that will be useful to stop the using of sport enhancing drugs among school boys and other sports out there.

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