Respect For Physical Integrity Essay

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2. Respect for physical integrity When a child is born and having an identity, he must be able to live in peace. That is why and where respect for physical integrity is important. Gradually, we found that parents, educational structures or society in general practice violence against children. This observation was made in 1993 by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, declaring that they should not neglect the issue of corporal punishment if they wanted to improve the promotion system and child protection . Corporal or physical punishment involve the use of physical force and aim to inflict a degree of pain or discomfort to the child. Most punishments result in the administration of a strike, a slap or a spanking. But for society, these punishments appear as disciplinary or educational measures. This…show more content…
These laws must be the preventive, punitive and restorative for the child victim of violence to obtain compensation of his/her rights violated. 3. Freedom of expression and opinion The implementation of freedom of expression and opinion is important for children. It allows them to be heard on their situation and resist against oppressive practices. By speaking openly their opinion in political or cultural contexts, children improve their status in society. Listening to children allows better consideration of their interests and the implementation of actions in their interest. Thus, the state by law or regulation provisions would establish events on a regular basis such as the Children's Parliament. This is to stimulate and promote awareness of society on the expression of the opinions of children. The Children's Parliament should not be symbolically. It should aim to determine representative views of children to better implement the rights granted to them. 4. The principle of
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