Why Is Physician Assisted Suicide Morally Wrong

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Assisted suicide is a tough decision that comes down to what you morally believe in. The author of the article “The right to die” believes that doctor assisted suicide should be legalized in more states than just the four that it is. He approaches the topic from an ethical standpoint, stating its rights and wrongs. This essay will include reasons as to why assisted suicide should be legalized, how the system of death should work and if it is morally right. Only in four states is assisted suicide mandated by state law: Oregon, Washington, Vermont and California. “Oregon insists that the lethal dose is self-administered, to avoid voluntary euthanasia…Oregon’s law covers only conditions that are terminal. Again, that is too rigid. The criterion for assisting dying should be a patient’s assessment of his suffering, not the nature of his illness.” (The Right to Die) The author agrees with Oregon that assisted suicide is legal, but does not agree with the fact that it is only offered to the terminally ill. I also agree that it should be legalized, but I agree with Oregon’s law that it should only be offered to the terminally ill. What if the patient just hasn’t received the proper care yet? I will go into more detail about that further into my essay. In Montana, assisted suicide is mandated by court…show more content…
Well this question is up to the personal opinion of the person being asked. To one person, a life may be sacred and the greatest sin would be to take that away from someone, where to someone else, they might not want to watch someone suffer if they know that they have the ability to help them. Theres no right answer to this question, the only time an answer may be reached is with the majority vote. The world is not perfect and it is impossible for everyone to agree. From my point of view, if is someone is in pain, how could you let them suffer. I would make sure that assisted suicide would be their best option to relieve them of their
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