Why Is Placebos Important

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The Use of Placebos in a Clinical Setting Placebos are a controversial topic in the medical and the ethical world. Placebos are what doctors have given to patients or participants as the ‘control group” to see if a drug works properly. Placebos are also given to see if the patient or participants need an active medication to heal. In this essay, I, will argue against the use of Placebos in a clinical setting. I will do this by using three reasons to explain why placebos should not be used in a clinical setting. Due to the deception that is used with placebos in a clinical setting. Also, because its violates that the doctor must give optimum care to each and every patient to the best of his or her ability. And finally, because placebos destroy…show more content…
This is done by using evidence such as Placebos being always safe, and placebos being the best treatment option. In the evidence for placebos being safe he claims that some may have side effects such as headaches, fatigue, and dry mouth. These symptoms were found to be experienced in a person even if there was no therapy being done at the time. In his next piece of evidence as to why placebo use is acceptable in a clinical setting, is that placebos are sometimes the best treatment. He claims that the best places for placebos to be effective is in the treatment of psychological symptoms. He uses irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as an example in which placebos make the best treatment for a cure or treatment. Foddy explains that IBS has no diagnosis test, and no effective cure, and that IBS also known to contain a psychiatric element. In a test in a clinical setting, the placebo group improved, even when they had no guarantee that the medicine they were taking was truly an active medication. He also uses other examples as well to convince the reader that placebos are ethical, these examples are all psychological
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