Why Is Plessy V. Ferguson Important

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Short Essays Identify and give the significance of Plessy v. Ferguson In 1892, even though slavery has ended but there are still racial discrimination in the society. Homer Plessy sat in the railroad car that for only for “white”. Even though he is not fully black but he has some ancestors from France and Spain, he was consider Creole and has to sit in the area for “colored”. He did not move when he was told too. Therefore, this was taken to court when the Judge John Howard Ferguson ruled him guilty of sitting at the seat in the railroad car. He later took the case to the Supreme court. Plessy argued that this violated the 13th and 14th Amendment, while the Supreme Court Judge argued that this did not go against the 14th Amendment, and that white and colored people are not suppose to be in the public places together. The impact of this court cases led to segregation, which is the idea that of “separate but equal”. For the next couple of years, public places like water fountains, schools, and bathrooms are split between the colored and whites. Summarize and analyze the …show more content…

This also included the slaves that are freed. It does not allow states to take aways a person’s "life, liberty or property, without due process of law”, meaning that a person is still free unless guilty through court. The 14th Amendment actually impacted the court case Plessy vs Ferguson. Plessy argued that because he was guilty for sitting at a seat meant for the white in the railroad car. He is stating that his natural rights are being taken and therefore the judge is violating the 14th Amendment. Even though Plessy took his case to the Supreme Court, he is still guilty. Later, Brown vs. Board of Education court case ruled that with the segregated schools in Kansas, the 14th Amendment is unconstitutional. The 14th Amendment definitely impacted the the white and

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