Examples Of Bad Pride Essay

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Pride; Is It a Good or a Bad Thing? Pride, it’s one thing people are always burrowing their minds into, it can control our daily life or fundamentally end up giving us great success. The definition of pride is the sense of personal dignity and values. I bet most of us don’t realize how much pride we have and, how much it influences our thoughts and decisions every second of every day. Some people have so much pride they would rather fail a class than ask for help or keep fighting for an obvious lost cause simply because they can’t give up. Pride is one of the things that I believe drive our military. Our soldiers have so much pride I don’t think they could ever accept defeat. Soldiers fight for their families and friends and even the…show more content…
Another example of having too much pride is some types of couples. Couples sometimes don’t trust each other or may have way too much pride, thats the main reason why couples break up is because they focus so much on their pride than working on their love more. In the Bible, “The Book of Daniel” to be exact, Daniel gives us a story of Nebuchadnezzar 's Pride, this story tells us that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was filled with pride. He held immense power over his kingdom. He developed a military force capable of conquering any foe. He was essentially the supreme leader of the entire Ancient Near East, but he did not know the reasons behind his success, for it was god filling him with the pride he needed to discipline the Judah 's population. In this biblical story, Daniel explains that it could be a good thing to have pride or a bad thing to have too much pride. Nebuchadnezzar ended up dying of assassination because some of the people didn’t like the way he ruled his kingdom in his way and his thoughts, he never gave opinions and thoughts to the people of his kingdom. From the first point he was a good ruler, he had everything he needed and wanted from the pride god gave him, but in the end he was killed because of that
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