Why Is Private Schools Better Than Private School

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Private schools are schools that belongs to a non-governmental institution, public schools are schools that belong to the government or a public agency. Private schools represent an “exit option” from public systems for more advantaged parents; they also exacerbate socioeconomic stratification. students’ ability, family income and parents’ education, and ethnic background are associated with private school enrolment (Epple, Figlio, and Romano, 2004; Bifulco, Ladd and ross, 2009). Private schools are definitely better than government schools as they would provide better infrastructure, better teachers to student ratio, and they also provide a better environment for students with options of personality development and extracurricular activities.
Private schools are definitely better than government schools in many aspects; they will provide a better infrastructure. Schools can be judged and evaluated through their infrastructure, supplying mid-day meals for students, providing textbooks for free, and the teachers ' characteristics, education level, training and experience. Private schools provide better infrastructure and they provide facilities that are required for the physical and mental development of the students which help the students to learn their lessons in a better way and help them to have a practical approach to education "The assessment of Indian school education raises several crucial issues like rising tuition fees, vulnerability of teachers due to short-lived
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