Why Is Puerto Rico Important To Me

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Since I was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico I have learned that I do not share a lot of my characteristics with others here in the United States. A place like Puerto Rico can change the way you see the environment, culture, and the way it reflects on you as a person. Puerto Rico has changed me in many positive ways such as: the appreciation of the environment, my language, environmental issues, and the culture of my people. Home to me is Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has made me fall in love with the beauty of the environment. The tan sand and crystal clear water at the beach is the most beautiful landscape it could offer. Remembering all of the great memories of my family and I going to the beautiful beaches always makes me miss the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the sound of kids playing and making sand castles, and the sound of the salsa music blasting through speakers always makes me visualize the great moments back home. Besides the people and the culture, the environment is one of the most important aspects of the island because of the beauty it offers to the world. Back home my family and I all spoke Spanish, and when we moved Ocala, Florida we learned English. From there, we began to pick up a slang known as “Spanglish”. The slang is…show more content…
The energy that the community brings is very uplifting because we share a lot of the same interest with each other. The development of me as a person was influenced by the culture. Being raised in Puerto Rico has sometimes made me feel like as an outsider around Americans because of our culture difference. One of the biggest changes that has impacted me immensely is the amount of racism there is in the United States. In Puerto Rico, we have all types of different races and religions just like the United States but we all accept each other and our differences. Once I moved here I noticed that I was classified a specific race instead of being just a normal Puerto Rican

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