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“When you accept yourself, the whole world accepts you.”-Cody Simpson In the short story, The Girl who was Born with only Two Arms and Two Legs by Stuart Baum, Quarta learns that it is important to accept yourself and others. She goes through good and mostly bad times, but she makes the best out of it. Quarta is a girl with two arms and two legs born in a world with four arms and four legs. Everything is difficult for Quarta, she can’t catch her own food and she is no good at sports. Almost all of the people at her school make fun of her. This is why it is very important for Quarta and others to accept her for who she is. One way Quarta accepts herself is through perseverance. Quarta learns to persevere and accept herself to solve her problems. Quarta has to learn how to accept herself when people are mean. She doesn’t stop and give up when things don’t go her way. Quarta also doesn’t let people bring her down when they are being rude or mean to her. At the end of the story,…show more content…
This is another example of how Quarta learns to accept herself for who she is. When Quarta saved Kako from the tidal pool, she had to believe in herself in order for her to save anyone. Although she believed in herself, she also accepted the fact that things may never change when she saved Kako. Also, when Quarta saw the other people with two arms and two legs, she felt hopeful and believed that she could make a difference in how she was treated by others. A third way that Quarta is accepted is through friendship. She invents one ball and she lets everyone participate. This must take a lot of thinking, since some of the people who she let play, she didn’t know well. Also, Quarta makes a lot of new friends in one ball. When Quarta invented one ball and lets everyone play, everyone accepts her for who she really
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