Why Is Queen Elizabeth Important

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Queen Elizabeth: The One And Only Queen Elizabeth has made a very big impact on the twenty first century. Her age has not effected the she rules. One should also know she has had many tragedies as well. Queen Elizabeth has had many tragedies, had become queen at a young age, and has a love of horses.
First, Queen Elizabeth has had many tragedies over the year. For example three out of four of her children get divorced in one year (Wright). One would think that would be very hard to stay strong though. Second, “1982- The queen awakens in her bedroom at Buckingham Palace to find an instruder, Michael Fagan” ( Wright ). When the queen awoke to this man standing in her room she called for help, the gards took care of it from there. Also, her father died when she was a young girl. (Elizabeth II, queen).When she heard she lost her father she was in a different country, the queen was with her husband. One would think that it would have been very hard to cope with that and still become the queen. The car crash that killed Diana tested the whole family. The family was seen as
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One should know that the queen has been infatuated with hoses since she was a young lady (Elizabeth II, queen). Elizabeth has been involved in the horse world heavy. For example she has been an owner, rider, and a fan of horse racing (Barr). Elizabeth has been on many vacations were she has visited breeding enterprises and race tracks. The queen been to the Irish National Stud in 2011, America’s Premier Horse Race in 2007, and Kentucky’s top breeders in 1984 (Barr). The Queen also went to the Eason Derby for her Diamond Jubilee. Elizabeth never misses any news in the racing world, and probably never will. “John Warren, said the queen has the Racing Post brought to her everyday for careful scrutiny and thinks about racing “every day of her life” Warren told BBC Radio the she “ misses very little” in the racing world”
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