Why Is Race Important In Our Society

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There is no surprise that race plays a huge part in today’s society. I can’t lie and say I never meet someone and tried to guess what race they are. Mostly I get it wrong because I assume from their skin shade to hair texture they are a particular race, but it’s not simple. There are currently about 9 million Americans in the world who chose two or more racial categories when asked about their race. For all I know, I probably have another race in my ancestry that I might not know of which would make me more than just an African American. Race is a touchy subject to talk about because it can make or break a person in how they are seen or treated in society. When one puts up a certain label upon a race, it’s hard to take that away. When thinking about race, it is also natural to get ethnicity mixed up as well…show more content…
It was a dark time when racism ruled America and still to this day it exist. The reason why racism is still a factor today is mainly because of the fact that certain people still have the belief that they are better than another person just because of their skin color or ethnic background. Ever since Europeans made slaves of Africans, some people still hold on to the idea of white power as the only status that is important. Now racism isn’t just limited to claiming yourself as being dominate over another, it can come as a thought about someone as well that leads to you making stereotypical assumptions. For example, I think all Asians are good at math, eat rice, and watch anime. That is me having racist assumptions. The reason I think that way is because of society’s projection of them, which can come in the form of media or me observing a finite group that fit the assumption. The same racist assumptions can be said about black people as well in the form of us always being violent or good at sports. All in all, you can’t judge a person based on societies projection of them. You have to know someone before you make
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