Why Is Racial Discrimination Still Relevant Today

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There are so many issues in the world. Don’t get me wrong nobody will ever be perfect, but racial discrimination been around for so many years. Many African Americans were one of the many victim. There was a history of racial discrimination, slavery back in the 1800’s, segregation in the 1890’s. Groups have raised awareness to stop this issue. Discrimination started way back in the sixteen nineteen. English-settlers took slaves out of Africa, making them work in plantation, long dreadful hours with little pay. Slaves were auctioned off to over plantation owners. After the civil war a law was passed, blacks were “equal”, but separated by color.Many public places made designated signs for blacks and whites. The conditions for blacks,…show more content…
They aren’t born with racism in their blood. This affects me in so many ways. As a half black child, I’m still exposed by it from my peers. I get judged in school because I’m a darker then others. And its not only me in school, there are other races being prejudice toward one another. It bothers me how it still thrives in our society because of how ignorant and little minded people can be . If a group of people are not allowed to participate culturally, we as people fail to understand and appreciate our differences and similarities of what make us unique. Passing laws will not stop people from being racist. They believe that rasium no longer exist today, there is a reason why we’re being profiled and we to get over it. But honestly, do need need to get over it? We live in the twenty first century where everyone has the right to equality. But their are ways to give the rights they deserve. We can influence the younger generation to support both sides. You can’t really solve this issue because it 's impossible to change one’s feelings about racism. No matter how bad it is or how bad you punish them for it, but we can take baby steps to stop thee social
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