Why Is Racial Profiling Ineffective

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Racial profiling is mainly used by law enforcement officials as a way to knit out who their criminal suspects could be. Racial profiling is not benefitting anyone and has affected many people. Racial profiling has affected many lives for many years, especially people of color because law enforcement officials have often arrested, interrogated on the wrong person because of Racial Profiling. It is believed that the Racial Profiling is mainly towards the African American and the Muslim religion. Racial profiling became very high and important to do ever since September 9, 2001 because of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The prohibition of Racial Profiling Acts are not necessarily effective, because law enforcement officials still continue …show more content…

In the Bush Guidance book it states, “Racial profiling in law enforcements is not only wrong, but also ineffective. Race-based assumptions create negative racial stereotypes that are harmful to our rich and diverse democracy, and materially impair our efforts to maintain a fair and just society”. In Guidance Regarding the use of race by federal law enforcement agencies these set of rule created by then President of the U.S, President Bush, states that using Racial profiling is ineffective and wrong. And the whole point of this guidance is to TELL law enforcement agencies that they shouldn’t racially profile anyone. This only states that Racial profiling is ineffective, throughout the text, only small “what-if” examples are written and these examples are hypothetical. Throughout the text, it does not directly stop racial profiling, These hypothetical examples are not exactly related on how to end Racial Profiling. And even after Brush’s legislation of that Guidance Book there were laws made that contradicted what he thought. Take Arizona SB1070 for …show more content…

Post 9/11 islamophobia was created and has continued to rise everywhere and especially in airport security. “Look at the 9/11 hijackers,” Kelly exclaims. “They came here. They shaved. They went to topless bars. They wanted to blend in. They wanted to look like they were part of the American dream. These are not dumb people. Could a terrorist dress up as a Hasidic Jew and walk into the subway, and not be profiled? Yes. I think profiling is just nuts.”4 Racial profiling is, in Kelly’s words, “ineffective” because it assumes that terrorists are not going to adapt to changing circumstances, and, as a result, puts the police one step behind the enemy. Racial profiling focuses on an “unstable” trait—a trait that can easily be switched”. Racially Profiling all muslim as a terrorist is ineffective because, if a terrorist were to come to the U.S or anywhere, they are not dumb enough to walk in and show their intentions. Terrorist will blend in and try to pretend to live the american dream. So racial profiling is ineffective. Racial profiling will not stop, and the many security checks that one has to go through at the airport and the extra security checks that people that look middle eastern have to go through is taking it to a whole nother level in the racial profiling area. Airport security and even attendants will racially profile middle eastern people because they look like “a potential terrorist”. Racial profiling is unnecessary and ineffective because yes, people will try

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