Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

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We preserve our planet for future generations by looking at the role science is playing to cut down carbon-based energy to move to renewable low-carbon energy to meet our constantly increasing demands of electricity consumption. Green electricity benefits us to produce electricity from sources which would not harm or pollute our environment. For sure, few electricity bases may also have influences but they are much greener than the others. The most suitable energy sources are the renewable energy sources, as they will never expire or run out. (Figueiredo, João Neiva De, 2014)

Nuclear energy is number one in the production of electricity. It works on the uranium that is taken from radioactive elements in most rocks, as it decays it produces
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Renewable energy is important, because it provides many benefits, such as providing benefits to the environment, as it is from clean resources that have low environmental impact, and can keep providing energy for our children’s children’s children and the chain continues. It also helps develop jobs and economy as the U.S build renewable technologies that are sold overseas, helping the economy of the U.S and its trade increase. (Why Is Renewable Energy Important?. 2013)
Well most of the renewable energy sources are being worked on to keep improved, as some still have points to be taken into consideration. One of them is the solar energy, which works by adopting the sun raise, and converting it into energy, it is being spread out widely today. The only problems it has that it needs lots of space, and is expensive at first, but these two problems can later on help us in lots of things, people who use solar panels to their homes, can relate that their electric bills are lower than without these solar panels. It is enough that it is environment friendly, and does not cause and sounds that bother. (On the left is a picture of many solar panels). Technology still amazes us, with the help of physics, people who in this industry are working on tripling the electrical output of solar panels. (Mæhlum, Mathias. 2012) (Image 2:
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And the power produced is huge, the largest of them generate electricity that is enough to power on 600 houses in the U.S. The functioning costs are low. But these wind powers also have disadvantages as, wind is unpredicted so the availability of electricity produced from wind power is unpredicted. Their manufacturing needs lots of time and their installation is not easy it requires heavy investments. The noise is a huge problem, as the blades spin they produce sounds that are really load and noisy, that why they are not installed in a city, mostly they are in desserts and places where people don’t live. (Maehlum, Mathias.2014) (Image 3:
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