Why Is Rhode Island Important

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Agriculture in Rhode Island is important; it is one of the state’s top industries. Farming earns Rhode Island’s government $59.6 million dollars per year. Most money being made from the agriculture is from sod, ornamental trees, and shrubs. The surface of the state is 10% farmland, although less than 3% of the population farm, and the future of farming here is uncertain. Due to population density, prices of land are rapidly increasing. At $12,000 per acre2, it proves to be nearly impossible for new farmers to make a living. Some of the most commonly grown and sold agricultural products in Rhode Island would be sweet corn, apples, and potatoes. Milk is also a widely produced product.
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Although this state does not look like much, it’s history is impressive, and it played a large part in our freedom. As you read through the past, you will be learning about Rhode Island’s life as a colony, King Phillip’s war, and the Revolutionary War. Read on about the history of Rhode Island, of which has shaped it into what it is today.
This state was one of the thirteen American colonies. It was founded by Roger Williams in 1636, mostly because he wanted a colony with religious freedom. This colony granted freedom of religion,and quickly grew. In 1637, Anne Hutchison, a dissenter, founded the city of Portsmouth. In 1643, the Providence Plantations got permission to form after receiving a charter from the king. However, Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations came together as one colony in 1664 (up until then they were two separate colonies). Most of the money to keep this colony alive and running was from fishing and shipping. This colony was right near the Atlantic Ocean and had many islands, so it was a perfect place for
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Citizens and Fidelity are based here, making it the Financial center of New England. The second largest industry is tourism. From 2,001-11, Healthcare was the fastest growing industry; every time a new Rhode Island Resident came, 2.5 people joined Healthcare. Rhode Island is known for jewelry, ocean tech, and boating. Unlike some other states, the mining industry here is extremely small, with less than 1% of the state’s yearly income coming from it.

Rhode Island currently holds the worst record for unemployment, with 8.2% of the state’s eligible for a job population unemployed. This marks it as the very last state in the US over an 8%. In 2014, employment was at 421, 578 people. The most common job here is a Retail Salesperson. However, the highest paying is a Family and General- Practitioner, which earns an average salary of $185,000. The average salary is $56,253, and has increased by 33% since 2000.

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