Why Is Richard Lee Important

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Richard Henry Lee was born in 1732 in Virginia. He was born into fame and wealth. He was the oldest of the four boys born unto Thomas and Hannah Harrison Ludwell Lee. Richard was raised around military officers, diplomats, and legislature. Richard’s father Thomas Lee, was the governor of Virginia before he fell ill and passed away in 1750. Richard followed in the footsteps of his family before him. He would have no problem fitting in with everyone due to his rasing. Richard would go on to become a part of America History as he takes part in one of the greatest events of the United States of America. Richard education consist of private tutors and then went to Wakefield Academy in England. Richard left England and went on to complete his education at…show more content…
The Stamp Act required may printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper that came from London Richard boycotted against the Stamps in Westmoreland Country and lead an armed party against the local stamp distributor. He would make his own clothes and wine so that he would not give them any of his money. Richard was the more energetic in significant member of the First and Second Continental Congresses. Richard assisted in the Declaration of Rights, the Address to the King, the Memorial to the people of British America and the letter to the people of Canada and Florida. Richard Lee and John Adams became leaders of the movement of independence in 1776. Richard felt the British Constitution had been destroyed by ministerial corruption, so he proposed an economic declaration of independence. This would open American ports to the trade word, this would not go into effect until almost a year after he suggested it. Richard would go on to have three famous resolutions on June 7, 1776 were American Independence, and alliance with France and a plan of interstate
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