Why Is Robert Lipscomb Wrongfully Imprisoned

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I believe that depending on the state of the crime, the person should be imprisoned. However, Philip Grosser, who was imprisoned because he was opposed to fight in the war, was the only prisoner who shouldn’t have gone to prison. Morton Sobell and Robert Lipscomb had done wrongful acts, which got them imprisoned. In fact, Morton Sobell was a spy for the Soviet Union and gave military secrets to them. According to his biography, Sobell believed that he was helping because by giving the Soviet Union the U.S military secrets, he was giving them a chance to be defensive in case of an attack. For this crime, Sobell was sentenced to 30 years in prison, but only actually served 17 years and 9 months. To some, his crime may seem little, but I believe that Morton Sobell did something wrong and was rightfully imprisoned for it. Also, according to his biography, Robert Lipscomb was in prison for other crimes, but he was sentenced to Alcatraz because of his escape attempts, speaking out about segregation and parole violations. I believe that Lipscomb should have been imprisoned for the crimes that he did, but they weren’t big enough to send him to Alcatraz. I believe that there was racial segregation in the acts that put him there. I do not believe that Robert Lipscomb was fully rightfully…show more content…
According to his biography, he was only in prison because he did not want to join the army. I believe that he should have the choice to fight for his country, and if he doesn’t, that is his choice. Grosser was married and a father when he was imprisoned, and was tortured for no reason, which I believe is why he eventually committed suicide. Also according to his biography, he was on a bread and water diet. That should not have been acceptable to give someone that little amount of food when they haven’t even truly committed a horrible crime. That is why I stand on my belief that Philip Grosser was wrongly
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