Why Is Robespierre A Good Leader

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Maximilien Robespierre was a French lawyer and also a politician he graduated of the university of Paris and got a degree in law in 1781. For the King and Queen coronation Robespierre was note worthy with his performance he was the one chosen to deliver a speech to them. But poor Robespierre was snubbed by the king and queen also left without acknowledging Robespierre. Afterwards he took a public role for changes in the French monarchy politically. He also became part of the social philosopher ,interest by the idea of a man who stands alone with his conscience. He got a reputation for defending the society of the poorest. Robespierre was elected to estates general of the French legislature and became a leader and one of the principal figures in the French…show more content…
Robespierre was the one elected to lead the Paris delegation to the new national convention when the people was against the king Louis XVI. Then when the king tried to run away from his kingdom he was a traitor and put on trail and Robespierre argued for the execution of the king and encourage the crowd to rise up. In July 27, 1793 Robespierre was elected to be on the committee of public safety. He had to face pressure from both sides out and in , revolutionary government instituted the reign of terror in September. Within some months 300,00 suspected enemies of the revolution were arrested and 17,000 or more were executed mostly by guillotined Robespierre was able to eliminate many of his political opponents. Robespierre wanted more purges and executions and later many revolutionary government began to question his motives and coalition of moderates and revolutionaries formed to oppose Robespierre and his followers. On July 27, 1794 him and his allies were arrested and then the next day he was executed . After heads of Robespierre and other radicals
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