Why Is Rosa Parks Important

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Rosa Parks When Rosa Parks, also known as “The Mother of American Civil Rights” refused to give her seat to a white man in December of 1955 she was arrested. This event led to a protest in Montgomery that eventually brought profound to the United States. The Montgomery Bus Boycott continued for 381 days, until the Supreme Court ruled on Parks situation on the bus. Making racial separations illegal on the city buses. Parks has made a critical impact on the US, which is why her story should continue to be taught. In December of 1955, Rosa Parks took a seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama, when a change of history was about to become one of the most important ones yet to know. Who would have known such a little situation could have made such a huge remark in history. Parks, after a long tiring day of work, took a seat on a bus. When she was then told to be moved by a white, and refused. Parks was then arrested from the bus, which led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When being told why she had not moved she explained her feet were tired, but later told the truth of why she had refused to being moved when asked. Later on…show more content…
The trial lasted 30 minutes, after found guilty and fined with a $10 fine Parks appealed her convention and explain how she did not want to be mistreated. This begun a Boycott almost 40,000 colored people refused to ride buses until a law for illegal separation on city buses. Parks one day entered a city bus whenever she read a sign saying “People do not ride the bus today. Do not ride the bus for freedom”. She then left the buses and walked to her destination. This went on for 381 days. The Boycott ended on December 20, 1956. The city passed an ordinance authorizing black bus passengers to sit virtually anywhere they chose on the buses, making a major change in the history of United States. This made a huge change in the history of the United
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